Owl Readers Club X BYKidO

Owl Readers Club X BYKidO

We are pleased to annouce our latest collaboration with BYKidO, which is set up to help Parents to Bring Your Kids Out, via 3 different unique offerings. 
· Promotions are sourced from various kids related activities and classes. You may purchase a BYKidO Pass to get access to over 60 Promotions. Our Partners include Indoor Playgrounds, Attractions, Sports Schools, Music & Art Studios and many other categories! 
· Ideas on Things to do, Places to go, in general anything that helps you to Bring Your Kid Out. Our regular Ideas postings will help you with plans for the family. 
· Activities are BYKidO organised events to help bring Parents together. The parenting journey is not easy and we hope to help parents meet new parents, so that we may share and learn from each others parenting journey. 
     With this collaboration, Owl Star Members will enjoy a $10 discount off the cost of a BYKidO Pass. To enjoy this offer, use the discount code in your welcome email (for first time purchasers of Owl Star Membership) or in our latest Rewards Update email.
The Team @ Owl Readers Club

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