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Sometimes being small can have its advantages. If you're a little cloud like Cloudette, people call you cute nicknames, and you can always find a good spot to watch the fireworks. But what about when you want to do something big, like help a giant garden grow, or make a brook babble?

This charming book gets at the heart of what it means to make a difference no matter your size. Young children will find much to relate to in "Cloudette" as they follow her on her pursuit for greatness.

 A little bit of humour, science and a wonderful message to little ones, all in one sturdy compact board book!

 This book is a great gift for children aged 1 to 6! Talk to us about gift wrapping!

If your child enjoys stories like this one, check out You're All My Favourites, The Near-Sighted Giraffe and Library Lion!

Check out the Chinese version here

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