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Snoopy Carousel and My First Peanuts Puzzle Book Set

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Introducing another unique pairing exclusively from Owl Readers Club:

Snoopy's carousel built using Lego compatible building blocks and an unique Peanuts jigsaw puzzle story book!

Snoopy's House

Snoopy, the little dog of Charlie Brown lives in his own fantasy world and your child can live there too. Create a carousel with 4 spinning seats for the Peanuts character to have fun or order a drink at the cafe. In this world children can spend hours of fun while developing their motor skills, imagination and more.

This playset contains 518 colourful parts to build a carousel and a cafe. Includes a base plate and action figures of Snoopy, Lucy, Linus and Sally This box also includes a building manual.

My First Puzzle Book - Peanuts  

Do you know where the puzzle pieces go? Put together all five puzzles! Use the image beneath each puzzle as your guide while you assemble the puzzle pieces alongside your book. Then, read the stories to bring each scene to life! 3 years and up.
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