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Song Books - 3 in 1 Special

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A special collection comprising all 3 of our newest audio books launched in June at a special bundle price. 

Row Row Row Your Boat

Dive in and join the playful gnome on a fishing adventure at the pond in this charming musical book. Little readers will love to press the fun sound button and sing along with this popular counting song.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Up above the world so high, something magical is shining in the sky! Children will love to press the big sound button and join in with this beautifully illustrated classic rhyme.

If You are Happy and You know it

Join in with all of the happy, little animals as they sing, dance and clap their hands!
Kids will love to press the sound button, sing along and perform all of the actions to this popular children's song.
Also check out our earlier audio book release - Once I Caught a Fish Alive

If your child enjoys Audio books with flaps and animals, check out 自然和动物.


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