Owl Readers Club x Banbao

What do you get when you cross the world's most iconic beagle with building blocks for kids?
Peanuts x Banbao!
We are absolutely certain that everyone has heard of the Peanuts gang, with Charlie Brown, Snoppy and each and every one of those wonderful characters created by Charles M. Schulz.
What about Banbao? Well, if you have not heard of this brand of building blocks for kids, let Owl Readers Club tell you more about them:
Banbao produces educational building blocks for kids and it is owned by a multi-national company headquarted in Guangdong and listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. Banbao products are distributed across more than 60 countries worldwide (the closest country where one can buy an official Banbao product from an authorised reseller would be Toys "R" Us in Thailand).
BanBao building brick toys have met important international safety standards, like the CE-N71 standard. All Banbao products have a minimum age printed on the box, so you know exactly for which age group the product is meant, and which age group it is not suitable for.
In addition, Banbao blocks (other than the big blocks for younger kids) are mechanically compatible with Lego brand blocks. The Legal blocks were originally patented by The Lego Group in 1961 as "toy building bricks", with the underlying patents of the brick design expiring in the late 1980s, opening the field for other competitiors, including Banbao, to expand on the brick toy universe and to provide more variety and excitement for our young ones and those young at heart!
Come 2018, where Banbao celebrates its 15th anniversary, we @ Owl Readers Club are proud and excited to annouce our collaboration with Banbao where we will bring in various Banbao products into Singapore, including its newest licensed products with Peanuts (aka Snoopy and friends!). We will be introducing collaborative packages regularly with limited quantities, Banbao products will be packaged with a suitable themed book(s) (including Snoopy themed ones!) and made available for purchase! The Snoopy themed ones and some of these gift sets will also be available for pre-order, so keep a look out for them!
Stay tuned to Owl Readers Club (including our Facebook and Instagram pages) for more updates.
Meanwhile, here is a snippet of the building blocks from the world of Banbao, starting with the world's most iconic beagle!
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