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纸板书 / Board Book (Set of 4 books)

小美人鱼米拉好想和朋友们一起去玩耍。她轻盈地穿过五颜六色的珊瑚礁:“谁想和我玩捉迷藏呀?” “我!”一个甜甜的声音响起。是谁呢?想知道吗?打开翻翻页看一看吧!……

An interactive touch-and-feel board book series with vibrant illustrations and interesting stories featuring characters popular with children - fireman, dinosaur, mermaid and fairy. The different textures, pull-outs and lift-the-flaps promise a sensorial, engaging and joyful reading experience. 

*This Chinese title has been brought to you by Flip For Joy.

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