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(你好,拉巴巴,午饭,睡觉,大声回答“哎”,尿床了,洗澡,刷牙,我会穿短裤啦,收起来,排好队一个接一个,谁哭了,散步,好朋友,过生日) 原自日本的畅销幼儿图书。由著名画家编绘,绘图精美,动物形象生动可爱。内容丰富,故事有趣,涵盖了幼儿生活的各个方面- 吃饭、睡觉、洗澡、穿衣、玩耍,交友等。在增长知识的同时,能培养幼儿的良好习性和生活习惯,是每个宝宝健康快乐成长的必备读物。作者巧妙地通过富创意的故事传达信息-小熊不玩玩具了,却没将它们收起来,玩具哭着要回家;动物们想要和鳄鱼玩耍,可是它正在刷牙,动物们纷纷想起了对妈妈的承诺。。。文字简练,故事中相同单句的重复, 有助于正在学习说话和认字的孩子。适合五岁以下的孩子。

Translated from a Japanese bestseller. Beautifully illustrated animals make great companions on this enriching learning journey. The 15 engaging and creative stories cover many aspects - from meal times, bed times, playtime and bath times to making friends. The Little Bear forgot to clean up after play time and all the toys started crying, will Bear help them return home? The animals wanted to play with Crocodile but he was busy brushing his teeth, will the animals remember their promise to mummy too? This series will help the little ones cultivate positive habits and good manners. Simple and repetitive phrases are especially useful to little ones who are just learning to speak and read. A must-have!


*This Chinese title has been brought to you by Flip For Joy.


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