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(我的身体这是什么, 我的颜色是什么, 这是什么形状) 原自日本,深受世界各地幼儿的喜爱,至今已被翻译成华文,韩文和法文。孩子将随着可爱生动的熊宝宝学习各种基本概念和基础知识,从而了解这多姿多彩的世界。熊宝宝和爸爸一起洗澡时学习了不同的身体部位、早晨起身后边穿衣服边认识了各种颜色,熊宝宝画画时又学习了如何将不同形状合并构成美丽的小镇。内容丰富、语言活泼,色彩鲜艳。适合三岁以下的孩子。

A popular Japanese original which has been translated into Chinese, Korean and French. Join two adorable and lively baby bears as they discover important concepts such as body parts, colours and shapes. Learn about different body parts as the bears take a bath with daddy; have plenty of fun with colours as the bears dress up in the morning and discover how shapes can form a beautiful town. Interesting stories and beautiful illustrations promise an enjoyable reading experience.

 精装 / Hardcover

*This Chinese title has been brought to you by Flip For Joy.

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