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有一天,小空正在洗澡,突然传来一个陌生的声音。“我家住在地下第100层,现在要举行一个晚会,你要不要来玩儿呢?”小空想了想,决定去看一看。地下100层的房子里,到底要举行什么晚会呢?纵开式畅销绘本《100层的房子》第2册,是一本充满想象和惊喜的神秘绘本,带领孩子们探索向地下延伸100层的世界。每一层都按照动物的习性设计,孩子不仅能学习有关各种动物的知识,也能对地质变化有大概的认识。适合3岁以上的儿童。 A charming creation by renowned Japanese artist Toshio Iwai, following the first bestselling title A House of 100 Stories. A girl receives an unexpected invitation from someone living at the bottom of a 100-storey underground house. Follow her on a magical adventure as she explores 100 stories underground, meeting different creatures and scenes during her exciting journey downwards. This highly imaginative book opens up vertically, providing a unique and fun-filled reading experience.

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