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著名美国作家艾瑞克•卡尔的另一佳作。画面优美,构思独具创意。小女孩要爸爸把月亮摘下来给她玩,面对这不可能的任务,父亲有何对应呢?让孩子们跟着这位爸爸寻找月亮,探索月亮阴晴圆缺的自然现象,并随着上下打开的各种折页,感受空间变化的奇妙。适合5岁以下的儿童。 Another wonderful title by the bestselling author Eric Carle. Monica wants to play with the moon so Papa sets out on this challenging mission to get it for her. The adventure unfolds with pages extending both outward and upward. The joyful ending, creative storyline and stunning illustrations promise to fascinate the little ones.

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