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Hardcover / 精装

《纽约时报》畅销图书,得奖无数。"安静"是个抽象概念,而这本书从孩子的角度观察世界,诠释各种不同的“安静”, 让幼儿更容易掌握这个概念在实际生活里的意义。“给画涂上颜色的安静、许愿的安静、听故事的那种安静,吃棒棒糖的安静”等日常生活里种种安静的时刻,隐含着丰富的情感,相信孩子们也有同样的经验和体会。绘画生动、色调温柔、画面温馨,耐人寻味。简明的文字和重复的句型,培养孩子的语言能力和阅读兴趣。适合3岁以上的儿童。

A New York Times Bestseller and winner of many children’s book awards. The Quiet Book subtly explores the many different kinds of “quiet”, capturing various quiet moments in the everyday lives of children in a captivating and heartwarming manner. Children can easily relate to these quiet scenarios of making a wish, enjoying a lollipop, listening to a story and more. Softly coloured illustrations of adorable animals paired with repetitive phrases make it an enchanting read not to be missed!

*This Chinese title has been brought to you by Flip For Joy.

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