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Hardcover / 精装

"这是一只蓝色的绵羊。这是一只红色的绵羊。这是一只正在洗澡的绵羊。呀!这里还有一只睡觉的绵羊哦。可是,绿色的绵羊在哪里呢?” 《绿绵羊在哪里?》获颁澳大利亚儿童书委员会幼儿阶段2005年年度图书奖。这本生动有趣的图书巧妙地通过寻找绿色的绵羊这个小问题,牢牢地吸引着小读者们,而最后揭晓绿绵羊的所在,给大人和孩子们带来意外的惊喜。适合5岁以下的孩子。

Where Is The Green Sheep is an award winning picture book from Australia. In this story, the children will meet sheep of different colours and emotions, doing various activities and more. This quirky book is great for teaching concepts including opposites and colours as the little ones embark on a search for the mysterious green sheep. A delightful and fun read to develop our children’s inquisitive minds.


*This Chinese title has been brought to you by Flip For Joy.

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