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(纸飞机飞到哪里去了, 它藏到哪里去了, 它们一起去野营, 我想回家, 凯文在大海中旅行, 我把哪个部分弄丢了,10个土豆,) 原自韩国,中英文对照。内容涵盖各种基本概念和知识,如形状、颜色、数字、方位、身体部位,交通工具等。孩子能在父母的引导下,将相对的英文句子贴纸贴在华文句子旁边,轻松学习双语。孩子将随着各种生动可爱的动物和人物去野营和潜入海底等,一同探索这多姿多彩的世界。互动性高,独具创意,乐趣无穷。书的最后面还包括导读,供父母参考。适合五岁以下的儿童。

Translated from a Korean original. A bilingual set of interactive books that will help your child learn about the amazing world we live in and important concepts such as shapes, colours, numbers, spatial prepositions, body parts, transportation modes and more. The beautifully illustrated characters in the books make great companions on this discovery journey. Go on a camping trip, explore the underwater world and embark on other fun-filled adventures. Your little ones can enjoy pasting the corresponding English sentences next to the Chinese ones. Includes a useful parental guide at the end of the book.

 平装 / Paperback

*This Chinese title has been brought to you by Flip For Joy.

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