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(小王子 , 拇指姑娘 , 灰姑娘 , 杰克和豆茎 , 洋葱头, 丑小鸭 , 布莱姆乐队, 穿靴子的猫 , 七色花 , 骑鹅旅行记) 经典童话系列收集了10个著名的童话故事。书中的场景色彩鲜艳,泥偶生动有趣。家喻户晓的故事将培养孩子美好的道德情操,与孩子分享种种智慧。附注音。适合三岁以上的儿童。

A collection of classic fables loved by children all over the world, including The Little Prince, Cinderella, The Ugly Duckling, Thumbelina, Puss in Boots and more. Beautiful and colourful clay figurines make great companions as the little ones enjoy the many captivating tales that inculcate good values and share wisdom. Hanyu pinyin included.

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