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原自日本。一本简单但互动性高的绘本,绝对会给宝宝和父母带来无限欢乐。“蹦”这奇特语音,配合跳跃的动作以及生动有趣,色彩鲜艳的动物,特别吸引咿呀学语的宝宝,从而启发他们对阅读的兴趣。附导读供父母参考。适合两岁以下的孩子。 Translated from a Japanese original. A simple yet creative and interactive picture book that promises to leave parents and their children squealing in delight. The miraculous sound of jumping combined with the beautiful illustrations of animals in motion brings much excitement to the little ones who are just learning to talk, thereby building interest in reading. Includes useful reading tips for parents!

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