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原自法国,在全世界深受好评,至今已翻译成20多种语言。这是一本独具创意,互动性高,充满欢乐与魔力的童书。按一下小黄点,看看它奇妙的变化。色彩缤纷,富想象力,小孩与成人都会玩得乐不可支。适合各个年龄的儿童。 Translated from the highly acclaimed and bestselling French title Press Here by Hervé Tullet. Seattle Times remarked that it’s "A tour de force of imagination and playfulness that belongs on every family bookshelf." Simply press the yellow dot and embark on an exciting adventure of colours and motion. A highly creative, interactive and imaginative book that will fascinate both children and adults. A must have!

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