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奇妙洞洞书系列: 那是一个洞吗?


纸板书 / Board Book

引自意大利的畅销创意读物,为孩子带来惊喜连连。通过不同形状层叠的洞洞,激发幼儿的好奇心理,让他们一边探索,一边训练手部精细动作。小猫咪在玩耍,它看到好多不同形状和大小的洞,仔细观察一下… 啊!原来是小狗的家,是青蛙的嘴巴等等。孩子们能在欢快的游戏中学习各种动物的习性。适合5岁以下的儿童。

Translated from a popular Italian series, these colourful and creative board books promise to stretch your child’s imagination and help develop their fine motor skills. Follow a curious cat as it explores the many different holes in its surrounding and be fascinated by what they transform into. A must have for animal-lovers. Hanyu pinyin included.

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*This Chinese title has been brought to you by Flip For Joy.

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