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(大和小, 红和蓝, 一到五, 看和说) 原自英国,中英文对照,全球销量已超过1280万册,深得全世界幼儿的喜爱。文字活泼,帮助孩子轻松学习双语。互动性强、惊喜连连,孩子一定爱不释手!这套书通过可爱的动物形象教导孩子各种基本概念和基础知识,如颜色、数字、动物等,帮助他们认识这多姿多彩的世界。孩子的小手将书本一开一合,看着不同事物变幻着,就像看精彩的动画片一样。适合五岁以下的儿童。

Translated from a UK original, with millions of copies sold worldwide. A set of 4 bilingual, creative and interactive books with beautifully crafted pop-ups that will bring much joy and excitement to your little one. Your child will learn about amazing world we live in and important concepts such as colours, numbers, opposites and more. The beautifully illustrated animals in the books make great companions on this discovery journey.

 套装 / Box Set

*This Chinese title has been brought to you by Flip For Joy.

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