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原自英国,国际安徒生大奖得主安东尼•布朗绘画大师的经典著作,深受世界各地儿童的喜爱。“这是我妈妈,她真的很棒!”故事温馨风趣,充满奇思妙想,用孩子的口吻和天真的眼光来描绘一位充满爱心,笑口常开的妈妈。妈妈是天使和超人的化身,是神奇的画家,也像柔软的沙发。绘图色彩绚丽,母亲的形象鲜明。语言生动朴实;精心设计的排比句式,朗朗上口。附为父母亲提供的导读手册。适合一至五岁的孩子。 Translated from a UK original of renowned author Anthony Browne, winner of the prestigious Hans Christian Andersen award. A heartwarming, humorous and creative story of a mother seen through the eyes of an innocent child. Beautiful and lively illustrations depict the many roles and traits of a wonderful mother- an angel, a "superwoman", an artist, even a sofa!. Includes a reading guide for parents.

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