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变色龙的眼睛可以同时看两个方向、河马在水里可以紧闭耳朵、黑猩猩的脚可以拿食物… 动物使用鼻子、耳朵、尾巴、眼睛、嘴巴和脚的方式各不相同,而不同的部位有不同的独特功能。荣获2004年美国凯迪克银牌奖、绘画生动优美,内容丰富精彩;喜爱动物的孩子一定爱不释手。适合3至7岁的儿童。

Did you know a chameleon can look in two different directions at the same time while the hippopotamus can close its ears underwater? What Do You Do with a Tail Like This is a Caldecott Honor winner with beautiful cut-paper collage illustrations. It promises to fascinate and engage readers with the many interesting animal facts. A must have for animal lovers!

精装 / Hardcover

*This Chinese title has been brought to you by Flip For Joy.

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