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一天,索菲和妈妈正在家里喝下午茶。“叮咚!叮咚!”突然,门铃响了。会是谁呢?索菲打开门一看,原来是只毛茸茸的花斑打老虎!它好饿好渴,好想和大家一起喝下午茶…… 英国幼儿园必备教学用书,全球畅销40年,被译成25种语言。故事温馨、 画面优美,富想象力,是一本值得珍藏的经典。适合3至5岁的儿童。

A popular classic loved by children all over the world. An extraordinary story of Sophie and her mother who had a very special guest join them for tea-time. What can they expect from the big furry, stripy tiger? A beautifully illustrated story filled with charm and imagination. A charming classic for keeps!

 精装 / Hardcover

*This Chinese title has been brought to you by Flip For Joy.

Minor cosmetic damage on spine hence the discount. WA@9725 6862 for pictures 

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