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(猜猜我听到什么,猜猜我摸到什么,猜猜我看到什么) “视觉是人们打开世界的窗口,听觉是人们感受和了解世界的重要途径,而人们所有的感觉中最先发育的就是触觉。”这套原自比利时的幼儿认知系列,能帮助0至3岁的幼儿认识各种物体的颜色,形状,声音等特征。书中的折页设计带来惊喜连连,让孩子体验发现的快乐,也有助于发展物体恒存的概念。

A colourful series from Belgium that is designed to help the little ones learn about our beautiful world through their different senses. Lift the flaps for plenty of fun and surprises as they relate to what they see, hear and feel in their daily experiences. This engaging series will also help your little one discovers the concept of object permanence.

 平装 / Paperback

*This Chinese title has been brought to you by Flip For Joy.

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