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纸板书 / Board Book

(大大的、小小的、长长的、高高的、有洞,圆圆的东西) 这套精美有趣的双语益智玩具纸板书,是送给幼儿的最佳礼物。书的形状独具创意,可以促进儿童在空间知觉方面的发展,同时让他们学习把相同特征的事物进行归类。语言简洁,颜色鲜明,孩子一定爱不释手!适合三岁以下的儿童。

This set of 6 creative and interactive books of all shapes and sizes will help our little ones build spatial awareness through the sense of touch. The colourful bilingual board books promise an engaging and fun-filled reading experience. A must have!

*This Chinese title has been brought to you by Flip For Joy.

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