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Benjamin & the Super Spectacles


At the top of a very tall hill in a very small place called Woollybottom, is a horseshoe of houses. Walter lives in one house and Winnie lives next door, which is lucky, because Walter & Winnie are the best of friends. And Benjamin Bounce lives very close by. This story is about the time when his bounce got him a some very big bumps on the head...

An unique picture book talent, Rachel Bright, has created the wacky world of Woollybottom, a little town that sits on top of a very tall hill, and home to best friends, Walter and Winnie, and a whole host of other charming characters. Her books gently and humorously addresses a `first experience' that all young children will be able to relate to, in Rachel's inimitable style.


A very good read for you and your child, if the latter may need glasses...


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