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Blue Goose

When Farmer Gray goes away, Blue Goose, Red Hen, Yellow Chick, and White Duck decide to paint their black and white barnyard. Red Hen paints the barn red. White Duck paints the fence white. When Blue Goose and Yellow Chick mix their paints together they make green for grass and trees. By the time Farmer Gray returns the farm is filled with colour.
Focusing on primary and secondary colours, as well as animals, this story is a fun, friendly and engaging way for young children to learn basic concepts. 
At the end of the book, you will find a cool colour mixing chart! 
Introduce children to primary colours and the concept of secondary colours with this fun and exciting BOOK + DOUGH read-play-learn set, perfect for toddlers aged 17 months and up!
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Board Book (with rounded courners)
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