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精装 / Hardcover
“一块西瓜在蚂蚁看来,多么的庞大,多么的诱人!为了把好吃的西瓜带回家,蚂蚁们集体出动……先把家里装满,再痛快地饱餐一顿,最后还在西瓜上玩滑梯。蚂蚁是一种可爱的小动物,也是在生活中处于弱势地位的孩子们的象征,蚂蚁和孩子之间总有着某些相似之处。一群小蚂蚁、一块大西瓜,对比强烈,故事简单而有趣,这也是作者精心的构思所在。孩子们一定会沉浸在这种简单的快乐中,同时,也会被蚂蚁们的勤劳、乐天,聪明和团结合作的精神而感染。” 适合3岁以上的儿童。
Translated from a Japanese original. A simple, interesting story of ants working hard together to move a piece of watermelon. Watch how these happy little workers have a great time as they share their fruits of labour. Their diligence and cheerful spirit is contagious. Children will enjoy this sneak peek into the fascinating insect world.


*This Chinese title has been brought to you by Flip For Joy.

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