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本书是新加坡绘本作家小邝继《去阿嬷家》后的另一本感恩亲情绘本,构图丰富,画面具有新加坡特色,充分表现孩子们天马行空的想象力和兄弟间手足情深的绘本。故事是说充满想象力的洋洋, 这回把弟弟凯凯也带入了他的奇幻冒险世界里,兄弟俩和树林与海洋里的朋友都玩得好开心,和乐融融。而面临水陆的怪物来袭时,哥哥洋洋又会如何变身出击,保护年幼的弟弟凯凯?

A Chinese/Hanyu Pinyin book from a local Singapore author with an unique story about how two brothers use their vivid imagination to have fine and what it means to be an elder brother where there is danger!

A must read book by parents to their children together.



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