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In the wondrous world of mother nature lives many animals, are you able to name them all? Or know what they sound like? This is one audio book that will help your little ones identify these wild animals as they flip the pages. The books consists of 8 natural habitats showcasing the wild animals representative of those habitiats.
With Lift-the-Flaps, high definition pictures of 48 wild animals and actual animals sounds, together with basic verified facts of these animals, this book is going to be your child's favourite! Brought to you by the scientific and research teams based in the Chimelong Safari Park and Ocean Kingdom.
If your child enjoys interactive audio board books with water resistant pages and nursery rhymes in Chinese, it is worthwhile checking out 宝宝点读认知发声书 - 动物.

美丽的大自然中,生活着许多动物,你能说出它们的名字吗?知道它们的叫声是怎样的吗? 这是一本能帮助孩子认识野生动物。并身临其境听它们叫声的翻翻发声书。 全书用8个自然场景,分别展示了自然界中生活在不同环境中的野生动物。每个场景包含4个翻页,打开后是高清动物图片,配有简单的动物小知识。书的下方是发声玩具,共有48个按键,对应书中的48种动物,按下按键就能听到动物叫声,真实的动物叫声能训练儿童对声音的辨识能力和认知能力。 本书制作的全过程,由长隆野生动物世界和长隆海洋王国两个园区的科普组,对书的内容、插画和音效进行了专业审核。为了确保书中信息是准确无误的,将正确的知识传达给小读者,
精装 (有声) / Hardcover (Audio with Flaps)
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