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Sarahbelle's Playful Puns


Why is Daddy swimming in strawberry jam?

Why is Mummy becoming an otter?

This is a a heartwarming and tickling story about how Sarabelle, a 6 year old girl with twinkly eyes and a fantastic sense of humour, makes many playful puns and learns that words are fun and powerful as she and her mummy go about their day.

Comes with free bookmarks!

Written by Anastasia & Sarahbelle Tay
Illustrated by Elaine Loo

This book has received good reviews from mummy bloggers (see below) and inspired many little children to identify and come up with creative puns. It's a great book for introducing word play to children who love to read! This book is targetted at children ages 4-6 but no child is too young to enjoy a short story that has to do with play on words! 

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UPDATE: See the feature article on 联合早报 here!


About Anastasia the Author:
Anastasia is a mother of three young children. She loves to make up funny lyrics, tell tall tales and use crazy words like "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious", much to her munchkins' amusement. An ardent advocate of reading, she believes that learning and speaking a language can be immensely fun and enjoyable

About the Illustrator:
Elaine, mum to two adorable girls, believes in making a difference to young lives. She sees good stories as words akin to little building blocks that can lay the foundation of a champion's life. She loves retelling them to little ones, so that the values within may be passed on, for future generations to become the best they can be.


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