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The Lion & The Mouse


In award-winning artist Jerry Pinkney's wordless adaptation of one of Aesop's most beloved fables, an unlikely pair learn that no act of kindness is ever wasted. After a ferocious lion spares a cowering mouse that he'd planned to eat, the mouse later comes to his rescue, freeing him from a poacher's trap. With vivid depictions of the landscape of the African Serengeti and expressively-drawn characters, Pinkney makes this a truly special retelling, and his stunning pictures speak volumes.

The 2010 Caldecott Medal Book

 When we first opened this book, we thought there was a printing error as we could not find any words! Then upon doing some research, we realised that the book had no words! We struggled a little during the first few reads but then soon realised that we really enjoyed "reading" this book with our little ones. We are so used to reading the words off a book that we sometimes forget that the best words are to be found in our imagination. Test your skills at being a story teller, use different words each time you read this to your little ones, and soon you will discover they will be asking for this book all the time as well as the new words that you use when you are teling the story! A highly recommended classic with so many endearing morals behind it, kindness begets kindness being one of many. Use your imagination to see if you can think of the rest of the morals! 


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