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The Nearsighted Giraffe


Giraffe can't see very well. But when her animal friends make her a pair of glasses, she decides she would look silly with them! Instead of wearing them, and to prove to her friends she doesn't need glasses, Giraffe starts putting on protective clothing to stop her hurting herself every time she trips up or stumbles. After a series of mishaps, Giraffe is wearing a helmet, boots, a rubber ring, a bell and a ladder and the other animals think she looks ridiculous! They put the glasses on her at night, and when Giraffe catches her reflection in the water pool in the morning she is shocked! After taking off all the 'new clothes', she is left with the glasses - and finds she looks rather smart!

Large paperback book that is great for children aged 3.5 to 7. 

If your child is struggling to put on glasses (and leave them on), this charming story may help! 

If you love giraffes, we are sure you'll enjoy Giraffes Can't dance


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