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看里面认知版 Vol. 2 (套装共2册)


A set of 2 bilingual board books to help little ones learn about the things around them, expand their vocabulary in two languages as well as simple counting. The colourful illustrations and interactive elements such as lift-the-flaps and pop-ups promise to engage, excite and entertain!

Most suitable for children aged 18 months and beyond. 

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本书通过具体生动的日常事物和生活场景,让宝宝轻松认知并正真理解数字,学会数数,归类,排列,加减,单双数,各种各样的形状,还能学会很多英文单词。  根据幼儿的认知水平和心理发展特点编排,精心设计了形式备异的翻翻页,配上色彩鲜亮的生活场景图,吸引宝宝找一找、翻一翻、认一认,锻炼小手精细动作。

Board book (with many lift-the-flaps) / 纸板书

*This Chinese title has been brought to you by Flip For Joy.

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